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Towel making machine - Benninger Warping Machine
Towel making machine - Benninger Sizing Machine
Towel making machine - Japanese TODO's Warp Leasing Machines


Terry Gallery imports cotton yarns from many countries like the U.S.A., Egypt, India, Pakistan and China, whose quality of the products is well qualified.
In order to produce high quality towels with higher productivity, the newest Benninger Warping machines and Sizing machines are adopted.

Benninger Warping machine produces the beam faster than others, and it is also used to produce high level of yarn-dyeing terry towels.

Benninger Sizing machine also has the fastest operating speed; with its non-chained system, it does not apply any excessive pressure on the yarns, therefore it can improve the qualities of towels. Moreover, in order to produce the best quality towel, Benninger machines supply the beam in the best quality.

Japanese TODO's Warp Leasing machines improve the efficiency and reduce the number of defects in the preparation stage.