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Towel making machine - THIES Eco - master F
Towel making machine - THIES Eco-bloc X
Towel making machine - MPSD,MPSL,ORGA TEX
Towel making machine - Italian SP's Simplex sample dyeing machine, CCM and CCK
Towel making machine - BIANCO SCUTCHER
Towel making machine - ANGLADA TSR drying machine
Towel making machine - TENTER machine


THIES Eco - master F
is the newest fabric-dyeing machine with high pressure and temperature. With its automated control system, it not only provides more accurate colors, but also minimizes process time and number of defects.

German THIES Eco-bloc X is the newest yarn-dyeing machine with high pressure and temperature. With its automated rinsing system, it not only minimizes process time but also improves towels’ quality by providing more precise colors with less amount of water.

automatically supplies dyes, and MPSL automatically supplies other chemical substances.
All the previously introduced machines, THIES eco-master, eco-bloc, MPSD, and MPSL are operated by an integrated computer control system, ORGA TEX. This integrated computer control system can stabilize the quality of dyeing and can minimize the number of defects.

Italian SP’s Simplex sample dyeing machine
creates our customers' requested samples in a short amount of time and also introduces the quality of our products.
In this process, the fully automated dyeing facilities,
CCM and CCK calculate and save the amount of used dyes in order to produce continuous products in the future. .

Italian BIANCO SCUTCHER spreads the towels for more efficient after-processes.

ANGLADA TSR drying machine
purifies the impurities until the last piece gets cleared, and it adds more volume to the towels. Three of total dust collectors inhale impurities , and the dryer dries them in over 130 degrees Celsius.

TENTER machine
, whose heat setting is in 160 degrees Celsius average, fixes the towel’s form and minimizes any modifications after laundry.