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The first step in creating towels
The second step in creating towels
The third step in creating towels
The fourth step in creating towels
Quality control of towels
Product development step in creating towels
Towels - Filtration plant
Weaving stage in creating Towels
Towel making machine - AESA's Air duct system
Towel making machine - Sulzer's new best weaving machine
Towel making machine - BONAS'wide width LJ Jacquard


Currently, Terry Gallery maintains 30 of the best Sulzer Weaving machines and 18 of the best Vamatex weaving machines, along with 40 of the best Jacquard machines, Bonas Jacqurds.

AESA'S Air duct system not only circulates the air but also stabilizes the temperature and humidity for more steady productions.

Sulzer's newest weaving machine will produce best quality towels with its super precision control system, and will promise faster delivery with its fastest production speed.

BONAS' wide width LJ Jacquard fulfills customers’ needs by handling the most delicate patterns of design with an extreme precision, and by producing various sizes of towels.