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Towels - Filtration plant

Songwol vina - Filtration plant


The water that Terry Gallery uses today is purified water from Tandeok industrial complex, and it is purified through 4 extra steps by Terry Gallery exclusively:

4 steps (back filter→ activated carbon processing→ AG tank→ Exchanger processing).

Only after this process, the purified water is used as our dying water. This perfect water purifying device system even enables us to produce dying water to be potable.

Terry Gallery - 4 Step
Terry Gallery - Waste water disposal plant


Terry Gallery is currently operating sewage treatment equipment that handles over 3,500 tons of dying wastewater a day. Also, it is able to operate for 24 hours a day in proportion to production quantity. Terry Gallery takes a part to preserve the environment of Vietnam Tandeok industrial complex, as the processed wastewater quality through 7 steps is beyond B grade, legal discharge level of Tandeok industrial complex, but rather closer to A grade. Therefore, it has become a part to preserve the environment around Vietnam Tandeok industrial complex.